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The Comp Codes provides low cost, quick, and high quality drafting, architecture and desgin

What Our Customers Are Saying

"CompCodes Architecture services were Performed in a professional manner, even with shortfalls of current COVID-19 Situation. This company was very transparent with the cost and details of the service provided. The cost of services turned out to be a great value. I will be using this company for the next follow-up project next spring. Thanks The CompCodes for your services."
--Thomas Boyden

"It's a no brainer to use The Comp Codes for all your design and drafting needs! They really came through with what I asked for when remodeling our kitchen and deck project with stairs."
--John Bradly

"After looking at a few vendors we went with The Comp Codes because they had the best prices and references. They made quick work on a garage addition to my home. I can't recommend them enough."
--William Jackson

Architectural Design
The Comp Codes specializes in providing architectural, engineering, planning, design, and permitting compliance services for commercial and residential projects.

The CompCodes's Architectural and Engineering services

The Comp Codes's team of skilled Architectural and Engineering drafters, Architect, and Structural Engineer, along with its workflow software, are ready to take on projects and turn a customer's vision into buildings that enrich communities. Our Approach results in beautiful building designs, construction plan sets, and permitting processes at an affordable cost.

The Comp Code is ready to take on projects and turn a customer's vision into buildings that enrich communities

Coming Soon

The Comp Code's Software will roll out in 2021

The software will allow Construction Professionals, Municipal Building and Safety Departments to bridge the divide between construction and permitting.

Provide an Agile Work Flow Management of all Planning and Development construction processes.

Generate Architectural and Engineering Plan Set Solutions.