About Us
The Comp Codes has an efficient team of Architectural/Engineering drafters, Licensed Architect, and Engineers that shepherd projects to successful completion at an affordable cost.

What we can do

We can do Architecture, Engineering, Design, Permit Compliance, Planning and Development projects.

  • Single-Family Remodel
  • Single-Family New Construction
  • Multi-Family Remodel Projects
  • Multi-Family New Construction
  • Commercial Remodel
  • Commercial New Construction
  • Clean Room Design Built
  • Laboratory Design Built
  • Modular Design Built
  • New Detached ADU-Only Structure With or Without Garage
  • Conversion of Accessory Structure to ADU
  • Conversion of Primary Unit's Attached Garage to ADU
  • ADU Attached to Primary Unit
  • ADU Fully Within Existing Primiary Unit
  • Junior(Jr) ADU Within Primary Dwelling Unit
  • Conversion of Multi-Family Structure Areas Not Used as Livable Space
  • Mixed ADU Types 1 to 4